What Our Clients Are Saying

"I choose FUEL because our partnership takes worrying about a project’s participants off my plate, allowing me to focus on other things. With the Team’s help, I know that the recruiting will be on spec, that I can rely on a positive show rate, but most importantly, that they will think through things I don’t even know to question. Bottom line? A partnership with FUEL allows me to be the best researcher I can be – keeping me out of the weeds so I can see all that blooms."

"A HUGE thank you to you for a super successful fielding of these two studies with ~100 interviews all over the world in one and lots of moving parts on the other. They went so smoothly and we are grateful for your super organized and proactive management. We look forward to starting new projects soon!"

""We're here for you" is not just a claim ... it's a promise FUEL lives up to every time I've had the pleasure of working with them."

"Wanted to send a thank you for your speedy, quality work last week. We’re very grateful to have partners who make things happen and handle (sometimes crazy) requests in stride, knowing that we are all aiming to make the client experience a great one. This one was extra “special”. Thank you for making it happen!”

“LOVE LOVE LOVE working with you!”

We'll Make You a Believer

“I love FUEL and working with the entire team. Every project is a success.”

“Reaching out to say thanks for another successful recruit. I don’t know how you guys do it but really appreciate all the work that goes into finding us these gems. Every project you’ve recruited, our team has been amazed by the quality of respondent.”

“Thanks for everything. I was just singing your praises with my team – amazing that you were able to book these facilities on such short notice AND during a massive Chinese holiday. Huge win on an important project for us. Great work!”

“Thank goodness for YOU and your team!”

“We have the best participation rates and quality of respondents with you. Thank you, this is great.”

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